Creation Window central panel 2000

Stained glass

15m high by 6m wide

Designed by Nigel Brown. Made by Suzanne Johnson and Ben Hanly of Glassworks. 

Holy Trinity Cathedral, Parnell. Gifted by the Edmiston Trust and Sir Robert Owen.

The Creation Window took three years from design to installation with Brown undertaking extensive research and developing over a hundred working drawings.

At the rear of the Nave the great central window depicts Christ rising from earth into a heavenly flower. The seven petals of the creation flower contain scenes of the seven days of creation as written in the Book of Genesis. A prism in the centre of the flower refracts white light into the separate colours of the rainbow, which fall and embrace Christ resurrected against the flower stem. The sky contains explosions of pohutakawa blooms, referring to the birth of the universe. Clematis flowers appear as children of the stars. Below Christ, Mary Magdalene holds a handkerchief and behind her, three women weep. A wounded World War II soldier, tended by a nurse, lies back suggesting the deposition of Christ.

The window on the right depicts the Maori/Polynesian contribution to New Zealand. The dominant theme is the bounty of the sea. The window on the left, with its gothic elements, stands for the European contribution to the Church in New Zealand. It depicts a contemporary Auckland with a symbolic ship in the harbour.

Reference: Creation Windows of the Auckland Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Cathedral publication.

Nigel BROWN b. 1949

Born in Invercargill, Nigel Brown has worked as a fulltime artist since 1978. He studied at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland, graduating in 1971. It was there he came under the influences of the painter Colin McCahon, and writer James K. Baxter.

He has been awarded three Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council Travel Grants, (1978, 1981, 1986) which enabled him to study artworks overseas.

He held his first exhibition in 1972 and has held numerous solo shows and participated in many group exhibitions since. In 1998 he received the inaugural Artist to Antarctica Award.

In 2004 he was awarded an ONZM for services to painting and printmaking.

His work is held in public and private collections both in New Zealand and overseas.

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