Leo Villareal

Light Matrix (Auckland Theatre Company) 2016

LEDs, powder coated steel, electrical hardware and custom software

Approx 9 x 29 m

A site-specific installation for Auckland Theatre Company, ASB Waterfront Theatre, Halsey Street, Wynyard Quarter.

Edmiston Trust Collection.

Commissioned by the Trust, Leo Villareal’s installation is an example of what effect art can have on its environs. Developed specifically for the theatre the installation spans twenty-nine metres and runs across three floors of the building.

Villareal describes it as a sculpture to be explored. The public is welcome to come inside, take time with the artwork when the theater is open. With a glazed facade the artwork is also viewable when the theatre is closed.

For Villareal the ability of an artwork to connect with people and draw them together is a vital part of public art. He enjoys museums and art galleries but says, dragging art out and making it part of people’s everyday lives is really important.

Photographs: Patrick Reynolds

Video: Filmed and edited by Stuart Page (Brilliant Films)